Asbestos & Mesothelioma Lawsuits

Mesothelioma Lawsuits

It’s already been established that asbestos exposure leads to mesothelioma. In the late 1900s, doctors discovered that people can inhale asbestos fibers and these fibers can stick to the linings of internal organs. These fibers, in turn, cause inflammation and start spreading cancer cells. When cancer cells spread, tumors start growing in the linings of internal organs.

Before the use and production of asbestos was banned by the United States Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, thousands of people were already exposed to the material. This is because companies and power plants made use of machines and engines that had asbestos in them. At the same time, families can be indirectly exposed to asbestos. This happens when someone who gets exposed to asbestos goes home with fibers in his or her clothes, items, or skin. The people who will get into close contact with them will also be at risk of contracting mesothelioma.

What You Can Do

When you know that you are exposed to asbestos, the first thing you have to do is consult a lawyer from Belluck & Fox, LLP. Your lawyer will then take necessary action usually in the form of investigation and consultation of the statute of limitations before proceeding to file a claim.

The statute of limitations refers to the amount of time you have to file your case. This depends on the state where you live in and the kind of case you are concerned with. Because mesothelioma cases are hard to identify and this kind of cancer usually takes at least 10 years to surface, the count of the time you can file starts from the time you are diagnosed with the illness. Let us say, for example, you knew last 2015 that you had mesothelioma. In some states, you only have a year to file your case against the company involved while in other places, you have at most three years.

But before you even start with the technicalities, make sure that you hire a lawyer who is knowledgeable regarding mesothelioma cases. Research is important in this area because you need to find someone who knows the states’ laws regarding mesothelioma and asbestos. In much the same way, you need someone who has a good track record in terms of winning these kinds of cases. This is because you want someone who can help you win big especially when it is your health involved.

Mesothelioma Class Actions

Now you might be thinking that you and your work colleagues could file a class action against the company you’ve worked for. Unfortunately, class actions for mesothelioma cases are not allowed because according to the verdict in the Georgine v. Amchem Products, Inc., there is no sufficient evidence to prove that all the mesothelioma cases were the result of asbestos exposure in the company. Moreover, The Court of Appeals stated that all mesothelioma cases are different so individual lawsuits must be filed.

Benefits of Filing a Mesothelioma Lawsuit

In filing a lawsuit, you can have possible compensation that can help you pay for your hospital bills. Like any other type of cancer, treating mesothelioma is very costly especially when your cancer stage is already in the latter stages. Although you still might have some hesitation, hopefully, these benefits can urge you to contact your lawyer and file a case.

  1. High chance of getting compensation and damages

When you hire a lawyer that is adept at what he does and is known for winning their clients high compensation rewards, then your chances of winning a mesothelioma case is high. Based on the other lawsuits, the average compensation and damages successful cases get at least start at $1 million. However, it is important to note that your compensation and damages are not solely dependent on your lawyer. There are many other factors at play in your case.

  1. Minimal stress on your case

Because you already consulted a lawyer, you won’t have to constantly stress about not having your case heard. An excellent and experienced lawyer will take your case and use his resources so as to prove that there was asbestos exposure in the place where you’ve worked.

Because mesothelioma or its symptoms take a long time to show up, you might be discouraged from filing a lawsuit because of the time that has passed. However, this article has just shown you that you can still file a lawsuit and still reap compensation and damages that can help cover your treatment bills

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