Can I Really Sell My Junk Car Online? 

Just by the name of it, a junk car doesn’t seem like it has any use left. It’s old, it’s rusty, and it looks like your life will be in danger the moment you drive it. In this article, you’ll realize that even if your car is a total wreck, it can still be made useful; just not for driving that is.

So what is a junk car? A junk car has many definitions depending on the state you are in. It’s different per area simply because some local governments want to avoid having them on the road. However, here are some characteristics that will help you identify when your car is already junk.

1. Obvious damage

Obvious damage means that you can already identify certain dents, wrecks, and missing parts of the car the moment you see it. Usually, a missing tire or a door already tells you that it’s not for use. Broken windows can also mean that the car is broken, but you have to be wary of this since broken windows do not necessarily mean that a car can’t be used.

2. Age

For a car to be considered old, it should be at least 3 years old in some states in the US. However, some cars still function pretty well even at this age. Usually, when it has passed 7 years of use, the car starts to show signs of deterioration and if it spends more time in the repair shop and costs more to repair it, then that’s a major sign of a junk car.

3. Market value

You’ll only know that it isn’t worth anything when someone sees it or if you bring it (if you can actually drive it) and the car dealer tells you that it won’t be worth much. A junk car is often considered scrap and the price dealers are willing to pay for it won’t ever go over a thousand dollars.

A junk car ends up for scrap for several reasons. One is when it has undergone accidents and parts of the bumper or sides received huge dents. Another is when it has been used beyond its capacity. But the opposite can also turn your car into junk. If it hasn’t been used for so many years, it can deteriorate. The battery can die, the engine can rust and seize, and the tires can harden and crack.

So if your car meets all the criteria stated above, then most likely it is already junk. But do not fret because you can still turn your car into cash when you sell it.

Now here’s the more difficult part. Not all car dealers will want to take your car for a fair price. In fact, the most you can get from them is $500. If you try to sell them online, it won’t be bought too. That is why you should contact organizations that hold fundraisers and companies specifically for taking in junk cars.

Why organizations? Some organizations accept junk cars as a fundraising activity because later on they will sell it and convert it to cash. These organizations are more lenient when it comes to the requirements and documents you should give for your car to be taken away. Most of the time, they accept junk cars no matter what its condition is. Although your car will be treated as a donation, they will pay you cash upfront for it. You can find these organizations online and you can often find a quote form to ask how much your car is worth.

In much the same way, companies that are specifically for buying junk cars exist online. Usually, all you have to do is go to their website, contact them for a quotation and if you accept their offer, they will be the ones to pick your car up. Sounds easy, right? This is probably the most convenient way for you to get rid of your junk car because you don’t have to go through all the hassle of getting it towed or driving it yourself which will put your life in danger. With minimal effort, you can get cash for junk car Chicago. The only catch is that you make sure that the deal they offer is the best, but you can do the extra work and ask a quote from several websites online.

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